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marco ghidinelli marcogh a
Ven 20 Gen 2006 11:55:03 UTC
Here are some Benchmark results between Wine and Windows XP, Your
mileage will vary depending on your Linux config, Wine version and
I plan to do a follow up roughly each six months to see what are rate
of progression is and post the results here with +/- %'s.

For past results: [WWW] Wine: 20050419 vs XP
Wine has the current lead on 67 tests
Wine has a lag between 0.1 and 10.0 percent on 14 tests
Wine has a lag between 10.1 and 20.0 percent on 9 tests
Wine has a lag between 20.1 and 50.0 percent on 19 tests
Wine has a lag of more than 50.1 percent on 21 tests
Wine or XP aborted on 18 tests

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