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Server NFS [was: Re: condivisione file e avviso]

marco ghidinelli marcogh a
Lun 8 Mar 2004 21:25:09 UTC
On Thu, Mar 04, 2004 at 10:43:23AM +0100, Vernia Damiano wrote:
> On Wed, 3 Mar 2004, marco ghidinelli wrote:
> > di nfs server ce ne sono 2: uno in userspace, uno in kernelspace.
> 	Scusa, ma il server sviluppato tutto in userspace non e'/era fermo 
> da tempo immemore ad una beta?

Version: 2.2beta47-17

questa? :))

boh, non so neanche io se sia stabile o meno, ma tutte le volte che
dovevo usare nfs ho usato questo.

 This package contains all necessary programs to make your Linux machine
 act as an NFS server, being an NFS daemon (rpc.nfsd), a mount daemon
 Unlike other NFS daemons, this NFS server runs entirely in user space.  This
 makes it a tad slower than other NFS implementations, and also introduces
 some awkwardnesses in the semantics (for instance, moving a file to a
 different directory will render its file handle invalid).
 There is currently no support for file locking.


BOFH excuse #224:

Jan  9 16:41:27 huber su: 'su root' succeeded for .... on /dev/pts/1

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