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Installazione Apache 1.3.19 su RedHat7.0 patchata

Jamil Burner Coordinator LugCD jamil a
Gio 22 Mar 2001 16:00:48 UTC
A chi fosse interessato, leggetelo tutto:

al punto 13 c'e' proprio il clou' (si scrivera' cosi??):

13) Now you need to configure, compile and install apache.
The compilation off the box will not work on RedHat 7.0.
The reason is that when RedHat changes the location of include files
the Apache guys try to adjust. But then Red Hat changes stuff again.
You need to choose between new (ndbm) and old (db or dbm) Unix Berkeley
database API and libraries (actually you can have 3 different versions
of Berkeley DB), or choose the GNU implementation (gdbm) of Berkeley DB.
The great piece describing the confusion and mess in this area is
Jan Wolter: "Unix Incompatibility Notes: DBM Hash Libraries"
e qui: ----> Unix Incompatibility 
Notes: DBM Hash Libraries


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