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Free Linux Web Stats program

Maurizio Paolini paolini a
Gio 20 Maggio 1999 12:56:39 UTC
rimando una mail arrivata all'indirizzo non collettivo "lugbs a ...".

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Date: Tue, 18 May 1999 21:17:42 -0700 (PDT)
From: Kent Sayre <kent a>
To: lugbs a
Subject: Free Linux Web Stats program
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	Hi everybody.  I made a web statistics analysis tool for Linux. 
What it does is monitor all the web traffic coming to visit you on your
Linux box.  Its FREE for you when you are ready to download it now at  
	I'm going to release it as open source soon after I complete the
documentation.  I don't know whether or not you've experienced a tool yet
that gives you exactly what you want and that you were really glad that
you installed it after you downloaded it.  Whether MagicStats is the first
tool like that for you to use or simply the next tool in a string of
helpful tools that you already use to accomplish what you want, I'm
confident you'll be pleased when you use it.
	There is also a demo of MagicStats for you to look at now at too.  I welcome any and all feedback so
replies can be directed to kent a

	Kent Sayre

"Let MagicStats rise up and overcome the commercial web stats analysis
programs in the same cooperative spirit that Linux will rise up and
overthrow Windows." 

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