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Maurizio Paolini paolini a
Sab 27 Mar 1999 10:06:03 UTC
Giro la seguente mail arrivata all'indirizzo sbagliato:

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Date: 27 Mar 1999 09:52:12 -0000
From: "Robert Levin" <levin a>
To: lugbs a
Subject: Invitation to participation


I'm Robert Levin, head of operations of Open Projects, a service devoted to
providing online connectivity to "projects and groups involved with open
source, open technology or open information." We run an IRC network
consisting of about 30 servers worldwide, as well as DALnet-style nickname
and channel reservation services which allow our users to maintain a
permanent channel presence.  I'd like to invite your members to use our

In addition to our own IRC hostnames, we are pointed to by:

and irc hostnames of various other domains.  We are particularly involved
with the Linux community, and are home to Linux Australia, Debian GNU/Linux
and Linux Internet Support Cooperative's #LinPeople Linux support channel. 
Stampede Linux and KDE also run small coordination channels on our network.

A full list of our irc servernames and a pointer to an IRC help site are
available on:

We are very much interested in helping Linux groups all over the planet
network for problem solving, project coordination and general discussion. 
We hope you'll come see us.  Feel free to look me up; my IRC nick is 'lilo'.


Robert Levin
Head of Operations, Open Projects Net

"Open Source, Open Technology, Open Information"

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